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Handmade holiday wardrobe- Copenhagen

I didn't have enough handmade clothes to participate in Me-Made May this year, so I did a miniature version when I went to Copenhagen recently. I challenged myself to wear me-made clothes for the whole six days- here's how it went! These are the clothes I took with me. All are me-mades except for my… Continue reading Handmade holiday wardrobe- Copenhagen


Striped ‘Sade’ dress (From Breaking the Pattern)

This year I decided to make myself a 'birthday dress', as the start of what will hopefully be a new tradition. I'm not big on fancy party dresses though, so I wanted something I could wear year round, but that was still a little bit special... I bought Breaking the Pattern as an early birthday… Continue reading Striped ‘Sade’ dress (From Breaking the Pattern)

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Sarah Kirsten’s Morning Glory top- Wrap hack tutorial

I made the original version of Sarah Kirsten's Morning Glory top a few weeks ago, using some cheap polycotton, and really enjoyed the process of making it. Sarah gets you to draft the pattern yourself, straight onto the fabric, based on your own measurements (so it's guaranteed to fit perfectly!). The original top Whilst I… Continue reading Sarah Kirsten’s Morning Glory top- Wrap hack tutorial


Sew House Seven ‘Mississippi Avenue’ dress (Simplicity 8231)

As the weather gets a bit warmer, I decided it was time to sew a good old fashioned summer dress. Last summer there was a huge heatwave and I ended up wearing my pyjamas pretty much every day of the holidays, as they were the coolest garments I owned (temperature-wise, anyway!). It made me realise… Continue reading Sew House Seven ‘Mississippi Avenue’ dress (Simplicity 8231)