Nixie Briefs and some tips for batch sewing

I put off sewing a batch of Nixie Briefs for weeks because I thought it would be soul crushingly dull... When I finally got around to it, I actually found batch sewing really relaxing! I thought I'd share some tips in case you want to try batch sewing for yourself 🙂 Batch sewing basically means… Continue reading Nixie Briefs and some tips for batch sewing

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Handmade holiday wardrobe- Copenhagen

I didn't have enough handmade clothes to participate in Me-Made May this year, so I did a miniature version when I went to Copenhagen recently. I challenged myself to wear me-made clothes for the whole six days- here's how it went! These are the clothes I took with me. All are me-mades except for my… Continue reading Handmade holiday wardrobe- Copenhagen


Striped ‘Sade’ dress (From Breaking the Pattern)

This year I decided to make myself a 'birthday dress', as the start of what will hopefully be a new tradition. I'm not big on fancy party dresses though, so I wanted something I could wear year round, but that was still a little bit special... I bought Breaking the Pattern as an early birthday… Continue reading Striped ‘Sade’ dress (From Breaking the Pattern)


Super comfy ‘Stella’ set (From TATB Stretch book)

I can't believe I managed to go over a month without making a Tilly and the Buttons pattern; that must be a record for me! I couldn't resist making the Stella set though, as I desperately need more cosy clothes to wear around the house. Here's how it turned out: (In my natural habitat of… Continue reading Super comfy ‘Stella’ set (From TATB Stretch book)